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Plus Ultra Seguros is the first insurance company in Spain to issue policies by the day covering any space and any action undertaken in the space. It’s a generalist company that manages and commercialises practically all types of insurance products and services (life and pension insurance, health insurance, car insurance, for private individuals, for companies and for farmers). Plus Ultra Seguros belongs to the group Grupo Catalana Occidente, one of the leaders in the Spanish insurance sector. It is constantly growing and extensively established throughout Spain as one of the international leaders in credit insurance. The Group has 1,198 offices in Spain and more than 4,000,000 customers.

The insurance plans offers its customers are as follows: 

Civil liability insurance for property owners

When the reservation is generated by, this insurance is included in the management cost and covers property owners for damages tenants may suffer on the premises. It’s added value that provides peace of mind.

For On Request Management and Unified Management modalities, this assurance is optional.

Civil liability insurance for tenants

It covers possible damages to property owners. It is optional and the owner is always the party who may ask for it to be purchased. It will cost approximately 4% more than the management cost we charge tenants.

Tenant multi-risk insurance

Besides the insurance policies that may be directly taken out through the website, can arrange for this optional and additional insurance with the support of our Customer Service. It covers tenants for material damages and losses while carrying out their activity at the owner’s premises during pop ups or any other event held.


Download the Tenant Civil Liability insurance policy

Download the Property Owner Civil Liability insurance policy

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