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We help people with something to sell, find just the right place to do it. PopPlaces.com is the leading International marketplace for renting temporary stores, offering a wide range of venues so companies, agencies and big brands can spread awareness of their product. From a shop in a central thoroughfare to one in a hidden side street, to shopping centres, any place can be ideal for making yourself known.

Popplaces.com is the easiest way to connect quality spaces with great brands that wish to increase product awareness through temporary projects or individual events.

Karen Prats
CEO & Co-founder
David Pérez
COO & Co-founder
Gemma Caihuelas
Events & Project Manager
Pilar Gelonch
Chief Technology Officer
Eduard Marcobal
Brand Manager & User Experience
Susana Almonacid
Corporate & Strategic Partnerships

Cristina Castellanos
Business Development Manager

Diana Jiménez
Account Executive

Sandra Aparicio
Account Executive

Miriam Sánchez
Press and Communications Manager

Tiago Majuelos
Graphic Designer
Alba Mata
Supply and Quality Manager

Board of Directors

Karen Prats
David Pérez
Christophe Canler
Quino Fernández
Carlos Severino
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